Welcome to America's Energy Transport Company, a crude oil, pipelline and other well site product hauling company.

 In the middle of one of the deepest recessions in recent US history, oil production work continues in the Bakken Shale oil fields. Production in these prolific oil fields has moved the area to one of the top world oil producers. This has been made possible with new drilling techniques called "Fracking" and "Horizontal Drilling." America's Energy Transport Company (AETC) is building an oil transportation business on North Dakota's good fortune.

Transport Unit

Each motor carrier unit running 24/7 is capable of transporting more than 250,000 barrels of crude oil a year. 

In addition, we are actively hauling pipes for those wells going into pipeline ASAP.  These are some of our highest producing wells.



Williston Basin/Bakken Shale

The Williston Basin covers portions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, and the Canadian Provinces of Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  This picture demonstrates multiple horizontal well drilling from one location.

The US portion of the Williston Basin is currently producing approximately over 1,000,000 barrels of oil per day.